Survivor Caramoan Fans vs Favorites 2

Everybody’s favorite version of Survivor is back! There is a lot to love about fans vs favorites. For starters they usually do a pretty good job picking favorites. Second everybody likes to see how the fans will measure up. Is it better to have the experience or a fresh start?  No one knows who you are, what you are like and you can choose how to play the game with no preconceived thoughts. 

I’m gonna start with my favorite part of the episode and I know all those Malcolm fans out there will agree. He has a history of winning the challenge for the tribe (or at least being in the right place at the right time). He started out with a bang!  Shorts around his knees cant stop him. If only this would have continued on the the immunity challenge. I can assume most people root for the favorites in the beginning. It’s easier than learning names and behaviors of new players.

As for the favorites, here are my favorites. I want Malcolm to win, he played a great game the first time and I think he deserves it this time. If he would have won the final immunity he would have had a great chance of winning, despite what the jury said at the reunion. I also want Brandon to go far this season. I know that he was annoying and cried all the time in his season, but there is something about him I like and I am dying to see him pull a Russel. That fear in the game caused by one all mighty player is exciting to watch, even though it is probably terrifying for everyone else involved.   Despite what what everyone says I love Phillip Shepard.  He may be cooky and crazy but boy is he fun. Every word that falls out of his mouth is hilarious. I don’t want him to go far because he is a good player, I want him to go far because I’ll miss his shenanigans. I loved his BR rules. Rob I hope you are flattered. Lastly there is Cochran. I think it’s the part of me that roots for an under dog that makes me like him so much.  He is such a true survivor fan. He knows the game inside and out, and I love that about him.

As for the fans, I like the dude with the beard. That’s all I can say as of right now.

I think it;s so funny Francesca got voted out twice in a row. I’m glad too because I predicted her on the site www.whostays.com. I just had a hunch. I don’t think it has anything to do with her as a person. Day one is a delicate time on survivor. You have to pick and choose your moves and moments carefully. Obviously she acted too quickly and with too much force. Everyone knew if she stuck around she could run the game, and considering she’s not a huge force in challenges, it was a pretty easy choice in my book.

I’m really excited for this season of survivor, I hope it is as exciting as Heroes vs Villains, because that season has yet to be topped!